Swim Suits

Figures Suits:

Figures competitions are at the start of Artistic Swimming competitions

Figures suits are plain training suit (not recreational), coloured black with minimal or no product or club branding on them.

Athletes also wear plain white swim caps with no branding on them

plain black goggles

nose clip


Wearing goggles at a figure competition can be optional - although most athletes will wear goggles at a figures competition.

The uniformity and anonymity of each athlete as they line up to present the required figure to one of the four panels, is obvious when you try to spot your clubs athletes in a figures competition.  This uniformity is to reduce the judges distractions and to have all athletes appear the same - again to reduce any potential bias in judging.


The club has a selection of smaller size one-piece swim suits for athletes to borrow for the figure competition (please return after the figures event).  If you are wanting to purchase a swimsuit for your athlete to wear at a figures competition please look at these suits or ask Justine about buying a black swim suit:

JoLyns Swim Onesies: Chlorine Resistant One-pieces | JOLYN AUSTRALIA SWIMWEAR – JOLYN Australia (jolynclothing.com)

Decathlon Cheap Decathlon Bodysuit - Womens Nabaiji Black (decathlonnzb.com) This also has children’s sizes in this product range.

Ministry of Swimming Thin Strap Women's Training Swimwear - Black – Ministry Of Swimming

Arena Arena Team Challenge Solid Swimsuit - Black/White | Fruugo NZ and Arena Womens Team Swim Pro Solid Swimsuit | Fruugo NZ

Meadore Swimsuits Meadore Artistic Swimming Ladies One Piece Black Mamba

Turbo Synchronized/Artistic Swimming Suits – Turbo Swim Asia 

Funkita Ladies Swimwear Essentials | Buy Funkita Solid Colour Swimwear Online

All of these links are for black one piece training suits.  There are many more options available when looking for plain black suits.  With some manufacturers they put their logo in white print on the swimsuit - this can be marked out with a vivid marker.

Competition Suits (the ones with all the diamantes on them)

The club has a large selection of suits that have been made for specific routines, or athletes.  The nature of these swimsuits is such that we will wear them again for other routines.  These are hired to the athletes.