Club Uniform

Required for training

  • Togs
  • Goggles
  • Nose clips (at least 2) - can be bought from the club $5
  • Swim cap
  • Water bottle - not glass please
  • Clothes suitable for land training/stretching - eg active wear - and not jeans
  • Yoga mat (optional) - or an extra towel for lying on for stretching
  • Training bottles / weights - when your athlete is more experienced 

Required for Competitions

Purchased from the club

  • Club swim togs (Jolyns) - instructions for ordering below
  • Club sports shirt
  • Club swim cap
  • Club Sweatshirt Hoodie 

The club garments are screen-printed with our club logo.  We make one order a year to minimise the costs to families - we do have a small supply of second hand that we on sell.



       Club uniform items that are purchased from stores

  • Black leggings and black bike shorts with no or minimal branding
  • Black jandals
  • Black togs (for figures competitions) with no large marking / branding (can also be purchased via the club)
  • White swim cap (for figures competitions) with no branding  - this can also be purchased from the club

         (please purchase items with no or less visibility of commercial brandings)

How to order your Wellington Synchro Jolyn club training suit

  1. Open your browser
    2. In the search bar at the top of the screen, search for 'hot pink' togs
    3. Choose your style and size of any Jolyn one piece in hot pink and add them to your cart
    4. Now back in the search bar, search 'Wellington Synchro' 
    5. Add the product that is called 'Wellington Synchro Swimming printing' to your cart
    6. You are now ready to check out and complete the order of your new Wellington Synchro club togs!

When ordering a hot pink onesie and the Wellington Synchro Swimming printing together, the order will automatically alert the Jolyn company that the order has printing, and what to print.